CBS's "NCIS" Cold-Blooded Murder List

The CBS show NCIS has had their characters kill people in cold blood quite a few times. This post attempts to create a list of victims who have either been killed in cold blood directly by a “good guy” or indirectly via ploys by the “good guys.”

Needless to say, there are spoilers below.

  • Pedro Hernandez - the assassin who killed Gibbs’ wife and child - by Gibbs (numerous, Borderland)
  • Arcady Kobach - gun smuggler - by Franks, after he had dropped his gun, while Gibbs was watching, no charges (episode Faking It)
  • Cesar Bernal - set up by Gibbs and team to be killed by his gang, La Vida Mala (episode Iced)
  • Hans Staiger - by the father of a murder victim, based on information given to him by Gibbs (episode Tribes)
  • La Grenouille - by Jenny Sheppard (episode Internal Affairs)
  • Russian hitman's handler - by Franks (episode Judgement Day Part 2) (questionable)
  • Captain Joseph L. Norton - by Joann Fielding (Shannon Gibbs' mother) (episode Mother's Day)