iDon't care...

So apparently Verizon has decided it needs to take the iPhone head on, and is running a campaign that makes various points all starting with "iDon't." (Some of them are pretty damned weak, like "iDon't run widgets.")

Then it jumps from clean and Apple-like to noisy and - well, honestly, it reminds me of a traditional horror movie promo. "Coming November, it's DROID. DROID is a trademark of Lucasfilm Ltd. and it's related companies."

I'm not making that last bit up. It really says that. (Apparently they had to license the name. Which is stupid since both names come from "android.")

It's actually really kind of funny - they move from clean and friendly (parodying Apple) to all of a sudden being noisy and scary.

You'd think they'd try to position their phone as being better than the iPhone, rather than just being louder and more frightening...



You've got to admit though that "there's a map for that" is pretty clever.

I haven't seen that ad.

But I do know that I get better service coverage with my iPhone than I did with Sprint.

...which says more about Sprint than it does AT&T. (Hey, Sprint, did you know that there's a state called "New Hampshire"?)

And I'm aware that Verizon gets even better coverage than AT&T.