Well, That Sucked

So I'm mucking around with my computer, and decide to play some music. "F: is not formatted. Format now? Y/N" WTF?

So a "quick" CHKDSK later, I discover that there are several errors in the filesystem, caused by unreadable blocks. In short: the hard drive is failing. :(

So it looks like I'm going to be shopping for a new hard drive after work today. C'est la vie.

Update: And away I go, into the wild blue yonder, looking for a new hard drive.

Update 2: Got a new 250 GB hard drive, and Windows is now (slowly) partitioning it. Once that's done we begin the Great Copy.

Update 3: Finished copying the data over, now I just need to copy over the Linux data and I'll be all finished.

Update 4: Yay, all finished! Got all the data copied over to the new drive.