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What If We Only Made Left Turns?

There's this new Nissan ad that asks the question: what if someone took a trip, only taking left turns? I can't help but wonder, though: why?!

Nissans have problems turning right, or something?


That's an interesting way to end an ad...

So I'm watching The Colbert Report and I see a travel ad for California. It basically concentrates on Hollywood, making various movie references. The last one it makes is "Do you feel lucky?"

Lucky? About visiting California? Why? The "sliding into the ocean" thing that immenent?


The "Dumb Coffee Wakes You Up Joke-Off"

It would appear the McDonalds has joined the challenge to discover what coffee-selling establishment can up with the dumbest example of someone waking up after drinking coffee!

Burger King starts out with the relatively realistic ad were a steel worker gets some help from a hyper-active King (of all Burgers?) to finish riviting a girder. Yay.

Dunkin' Donuts has an entire line of ridiculous "bring yourself back" ads. One has a guy finally getting a joke told hours earlier. Another one has a guy trying to order his breakfast coffee from a trash can before realizing that the drive through is a little further up the driveway.


Coca-Cola's American Idol Bump

Apparently the current American Idol was brought to us by Coca-Cola. So the bump displayeds where they gave us their logo read:

Teach the world to sing.



Yeah - it would be nice if they could teach some of those people auditioning to actually sing... Or to at least record themselves and listen to themselves before trying out.


Stargate SG1 Replicators: Kekekekekekekeke

Anyone else think that the Replicators on Stargate: SG1 are like the Zerg from Starcraft?

They attack in swarms of small numbers, and a couple of marines with machine guns can hold them off.

Plus, their leader is a copy of one of the leaders of the crack military squad of the Terrans, just like the Queen of Blades.



Focused on Letting You Know You Just Saw a PSA

OK, so Comcast is my cable company. They, like all other companies out there, occasionally show public service announcements (PSAs). Except that Comcast, for some reason, feels the need to announce that they just showed you a PSA. After every PSA, they show thier logo, with the voiceover "Comcast: Focused on Community."

I DON'T CARE! Good for you, Comcast. Most people don't feel the need to announce "I just lectured you on morality!"

Of course, I don't really believe that Comcast really is just saying "look, we care," I think they're just looking for an excuse to remind you that you're watching cable television, powered by Comcast.



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