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IE Script Stupidity

Some fun with Internet Explorer and general stupidity with the <script> tag and various standard attributes.


April 1st RFCs

I recently found this list of RFCs on my computer. They're slightly old, so they don't include some of the newer April 1st RFCs, and I'm fairly sure it's incomplete, but it's a list of some of the old April Fool's Day RFCs. Some of them are actually funny! :)


Freaking Spammers

So I come home from work, and check my email, which I had checked just before leaving for work.

You Have 38 New Messages.

(spam filter runs)

0 New Messages.

And they're all freaking viruses, alerting the users of the xenoveritas.org email service (which there aren't any, of course) to try and run some virus file.

Sigh. I hate spammers. And virus writers. Freaking jerks.



This page is really for me. My browser's home page is set here. It contains links that I've found interesting and wind up using fairly frequently (or not, in some cases).


A Pox On Links That Don't Look Like Links!

A pox on those who don't use "a { cursor: pointer; }"! A pox on them!

Seriously, try and guess where the links are on that page. Go ahead.


(Unless your browser doesn't support cursor: help, in which case it's slightly easier.)

Even then, the lack of underlines or other hints left me thinking, originally, that there was no content on that page.

Bad Fey, bad!

(Some of the other pages have links which use "cursor: default" which is also BAD.)


Fun With Slashdot's New CSS

You may have read about how Slashdot has upgraded their site to use CSS, which allows some degree of custom styling. Well, I've mucked around with their CSS, and came up with the following userContent.css addition:

RSS Feed Added

I've created an RSS feed for my blog, so if you have an RSS reader, you can now keep up-to-date with my blog through RSS. Exciting, I know.

The RSS feed URL is: http://www.xenoveritas.org/blog.rss


How Far We've Come

So I'm looking over the desktop icons on my work computer, and notice up in one corner a little icon I haven't used in AGES.

Netscape Communicator icon

Hello, what's that? Hmm...

So, I just had to go and see how well it handled my webpage.


April Fools Jokes

Small list of April Fools jokes I found funny.

Pandaren Xpress - Too Lazy to pick up the Phone? - WoW's answer to EQ2's /pizza command.
Water on Mars - a picture of water on Mars. (The picture is actually real, too!)
Slashdot | - OK, so they overdid April Fools Day yet again. But this one was actually funny.
New England Suffers Maple Woes - from All Things Considered. It's not available online - yet - but it's really amusing. Had me going for a bit, until they got to Exploding Maple Trees.


We're Here to Protect You

Well, I made this image thanks to this Slashdot post. It is, of course, a fake image. You could say "Photoshopped", except I used the GIMP.

For added fun, view it in Firefox and IE and compare the differences...



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