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Bleach Bount List

Bleach has been doing filler about the Bount, a group of soul-sucking vampires (or something stupid like that). So I present the current list of Bount, complete with a small portrait of each one. Read More for the full list.


Current Bleach Timeline

Some minor spoilers in the timeline, so I won't place it on the blog listing (or the RSS feed), but I will voice my current concern. Minor spoilers below if you haven't watched at all.

The series started out with the interplay between Rukia and Ichigo really driving the show. Rukia is a shinigami (death god), forced to live in the human world and pretend to be a highschool student since her powers have been (mostly) transfered to Ichigo. You got some neat stuff with Ichigo trying to balance school with being a substitute Shinigami. Cool. (Spoilers below.)


Bleach Licensed...

Well, it had to happen eventually. Bleach has been licensed. Knew it was coming, eventually. But it's happened.

Now that means we're probably a good year or more off until the US finally gets past the (extrodinarily lousy) Bleach filler.

Oh well.


Bleach 69!

Spoiler "below the fold" through the "read more" link.

(Yes, it's really episode 69, if you're thinking something other than episode numbers - well, you are now.)


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