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Status on ... Things

Well, I've been busy. Sorta. So, here's some status on what I'm working on.


Still porting it to C++. It loads .torrents successfully, but the majority of the protocol implementation needs to be done differently since C++ XPCOM allows a multithreaded approach.

Vana'diel Clock

I've made some graphical fixes which will be released as 0.7.5 shortly. My planned changes for version 1.0 currently crash Firefox. No, really.

World of Warcraft

I've stopped playing it. My user interface mods are, essentially, dead.

The Quotes File

This page contains quotes made by various people. At some point I'll resurrect the old Quotes File and add them in, but for now, it just contains four.


Various categories are defined for stories and pages on this site. You can subscribe to feeds based on these categories to find out when more content is created in a given category.

Old News Imported

I've imported the original news articles from the phpBB board into the new Drupal system. As with the blog, comments have not been carried over.

Site Switched To Drupal

You may have noticed that my website has slightly changed from the previous version. It's now running using Drupal, a content management system.

The old forums are still present, for now, but are in the process of being phased out.

I'm going to start moving the existing news stories from that site onto the Drupal site at some point in the future.

Blog Imported

I've imported my blog from the old phpBB forums into the new Drupal backend. No comments have been copied over yet, but I still have them in the database.

At some point I still need to copy over the rest of the stories from the old site over to the new site, but this will do for now.

Moving to Drupal

I'm starting to move the site's content over to Drupal.

This should allow easier access to various site content, and allow better handling of the sites content. Plus it means that the blog software will be actual blog software and not some weird phpBB hack - which should allow valid HTML to be generated, among other things.

Ever so slight site update

I've updated the behind-the-scenes layout of the site. You shouldn't notice much of a change (unless you're using a text-only browser), since the stylesheet was modified at the same time, ensuring that the page looks essentially identical.

(Note: if your browser doesn't automatically refetch the style sheet, you WILL get a really funky looking page. Just hit Control-F5 if that happens.)

One of the nice changes is that the right sidebar and the content panel actually line up now. :)

Jon Stewart /w BFG

This really belongs in the general forums, but I figured I might as well spice up the main page with this:

I'm not currently using that as an avatar, but I really kinda like it.

There's also an 8-bit version which is about half the size if you care about modem users.

Happy Halloween/Autumn!

Enjoy the new Halloween/Autumn main page theme!

The theme will be set as the active stylesheet through until November 1st. People using cool browsers can play with the themes using their browser and view it after that, though.

Happy Halloween! Or Happy Autumn if you refuse to celebrate Halloween. :)


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