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No Man's Sky: Some Thoughts

Submitted by Xenoveritas on

No Man's Sky is out, and the reviews have been - well, appropriate, for the most part. This was a hugely hyped, hugely ambitious game that just fell short. It gets more annoying when you realize just how close to the mark it was and how just a bit more polish could have made the game just flat-out better.

So with that in mind, here are some of the ways I felt the game fell short:

Review: The Wonderful End of the World

Submitted by Xenoveritas on
System: Windows
Score: 3/5 3 (OK)

In The Wonderful End of the World, you play as a nameless red-haired goddess who wants to save the world. You do this by rolling things up into a giant Clump of Souls and - wait, I think I've got this story confused with another game.

Actually she does this using a "marionette" which "absorbs" items into its body as it runs around the level. If you caught the earlier reference, then yes, this game is a Katamari Damacy clone. And there's nothing wrong with that.