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iTunes Sucks

Submitted by Xenoveritas on

So iTunes apparently decided to crap out and destroy its own library.

What does it do? It crashes on loading its XML backup, overwrites it preventing me from reimporting it, and then proceeds to wipe my iPod clean.

Leaving me with absolutely no way to restore my playlists.

You'd think they could import the metadata from the iPod, but of course not. It just deletes everything.

Thanks a lot, Apple.

My iPod Won't Turn Off

Submitted by Xenoveritas on

My iPod won't shut off. Holding down the Play button does nothing. It just won't turn off. A quick Google reveals that this isn't exactly a new thing, and comes up with several articles that explain how to fix it: reboot the thing.

How do you reboot an iPod? Well, Apple has the answer. Toggle the Hold switch to Hold and then back off again, and then hold down Menu and Select (the center button) for six to ten seconds, until the Apple logo appears. The Apple logo displays while the iPod is booting.

The iPod Shuffle - Enjoy Uncertainty

Submitted by Xenoveritas on

My officemate was looking up something about her Apple computer, and stumbled across an ad for the iPod Shuffle boldly declaring "Enjoy Uncertainty!"

Which immediately raised the question: WTF is an "iPod Shuffle?"

Well, apparently it's an iPod where Apple has engineered out the display. The only display element it has is a little green power LED.

In other words, it plays random music and you can't know what's next because it has no way to tell you. (Well, that's not strictly true - you can tell it to play the playlist straight through, so you can follow along.)