The Perfect Name for a Pidgin Killer

I've come up for a perfect name for a Pidgin-killer: Peregrine.

Peregrine falcons are natural predators of pigeons. Plus, it doesn't appear that anyone has used this name for anything software-related.



You -really- don't like the UI of pidgin. ^^;

The powerful sounding name loses its' punch a bit when you realize that it would have to use pidgin's libpurple anyways to have even close to the feature set in a reasonable timeframe. It might be nice, though, to have a libpurple based IM client on windows that uses a sane GUI toolkit like wxWidgets... GTK would certainly -not- be my toolkit of choice.

Adium is the nicest (mac-only) IM client UI I've had the pleasure of using and it's based on libgaim/libpurple (I'm not sure if they've moved on to libpurple yet).

As an aside, the ruby bindings for libpurple are called.... ruburple. I can't make that up, the name is really that bad. Ruburple. *sigh*

If you take a look at the source of ruburple you will see that the name fits perfectly - the hoops I had to jump through to make ruby talk to libpurple are very quaint.

I couldn't find your email address or a better way to contact you... don't moderate this comment and just send me an email I guess.

I couldn't easily determine the specific license of the -graphics- you use in the FFXI clock firefox plugin. May I have permission to use them in an MIT licensed application? I've been playing around with learning both wxWidgets and java SWING by making a (you guessed it) Vana'diel clock. Your graphics look great and I'm visually retarded. ^_^

The VanaTime library, VanaClock (jruby and java swing version), and WxVanaClock (wxWidgets version) are available as ruby gems (ruby cpan-alike) here:
...just in case you want to make sure you approve, etc.

In reference to your comment here,, "Overall, I'm yet again finding that I want to create a new front-end based on the Pidgin net code that creates a useful GUI instead of the crap they're offering instead." did you ever complete this?