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Related to the Firefox web browser.

Upcoming Firefox Vana'diel Clock Version

Submitted by Xenoveritas on

I might as well try and hype up what's coming, even though it's not quite there yet.

The biggest addition is alarms. The last version laid the ground work, this version includes the actual implemention. Sort of.

There's still quite a lot of work I need to do to decide exactly how the alarms are going to work. Right now they successfully get created and persisted across browser sessions.

I'm still working on the UI for creating them and managing them once they've been created.

I'm also going to look into adding a Balista calendar or (more likely) a "next x matches" schedule.

Compiling Mozilla (well, Firefox) Under Windows for Free

Submitted by Xenoveritas on

Compiling Mozilla under Windows requires a C++ compiler. Previously the only way to compile Mozilla under Windows without having to pay big bucks for the Visual C++ environment was to use the free Cygwin utilities, but those didn't include all the features that Microsoft's compiler did and didn't offer all the features that Mozilla has to offer under Windows.

Microsoft has since released the build environment (but not the GUI tools) to allow developers to write software under Windows without paying large amounts of money for Visual Studio. However, the process for doing this is fairly poorly explained. (And for good reason, it's long, annoying, and impossible unless you do some extra credit which is dubiously legal.)

Creating Firefox Extensions

Submitted by Xenoveritas on

OK, this is one of those "to be edited later" posts, but it's a start at writing a real quick tutorial on how to write a Firefox extension.

Settings Up Firefox

Before writing any code, we need to set up Firefox to make debugging an extension more possible. I mean, we could conceivably skip these steps, but then debugging anything would be a giant pain.

Anyway, first things first. Copy your Firefox shortcut or launcher or whatever you use for your system. Edit it and add "-console" to the command that starts it. So Windows users will wind up with something like:

Skillchains Extension 0.9.0 Released

Submitted by Xenoveritas on

It's been a while since I've released a new version, so here it is.

This release contains one new feature: the ability to select multiple weapons for a given player. A version 0.9.1 will allow you to sign individual skill levels for the weapons.

This version also does what I threatened to do ages ago: support for versions of Firefox prior to 1.0 is dropped.