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Submitted by Xenoveritas on

This is only for, but as of now, if you have NoScript set to block, you won't be able to view videos on

Thankfully, there is a feature in NoScript called "surrogate scripts" that allows NoScript to substitute a script stub to make things work on websites even if a given domain is blocked. So all I need to do it write a surrogate script to implement the functions it needs.

It turns out doesn't work because a single function is missing: FB.Event.subscribe. So the entire surrogate script is:

Let's Play The Wonderful End of the World

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This was originally posted to the Short Game Theater thread on Something Awful, but I may as well duplicate it here.

This is the first game that Dejobaan Games released on Steam, and is basically the earliest game of theirs you can still buy. (Despite what gets said in Part 1.)

It is a completely original, never before seen game that has most certainly never been done before by a Namco game that was designed by Keita Takahashi. Definitely.

Oscar Picks 2011

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The 2011 Oscar Awards are coming up, and I guess the thing to do is to make picks about who you think is going to win.

Unfortunately, I don't know movies. The only movie I saw in 2010 was Avatar, and, well, it already got its awards. So, since I can't make any picks, I have a much better idea: let MD5 make picks.

I'm going to be allowing the MD5 hashing algorithm decide. For the sake of this blog post, lowest hash value of the movie name plus who was nominated wins. (Or which song in the case of the Music, Original Song category.) Full results after the break.

Upgrading to Drupal 7...

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I've been working on updating the site to use Drupal 7. You might notice that at present, it's still using Drupal 6. There's a reason for that: it hasn't been exactly a smooth process.

First off, you're going to want to make sure you disable any custom modules and custom themes. They won't work initially. Then set your current theme to Garland.

So far, I've run into two empty tables that block the update process. I'm not sure what created them, but it's safe to just drop them: role_permission and date_format_type. (Update: Drupal 7 created them, and the MySQL script I was running to "reset" the database wasn't clearing everything.)

Happy Annoy Fox News-idays!

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I might as well throw up the existing Christmas theme for the site. I'm aware that it's hard to read text over the background on certain devices and will be replacing it eventually. But for now, I might as well throw up what I've got rather than waiting until it's way too late.

Update: I've killed the offending background. You may need to refresh to force the stylesheet to reload.