Harry Potter - 17 Days Left

In the final Harry Potter book, Harry Potter discovers the Internet and flunks out of Hogwarts.


Harry Potter - 18 Days Left

In the final Harry Potter book, Harry Potter finally wakes up from his dream and discovers that he is not a wizard but has been in a coma for seven years and, in fact, works for Starbucks.


Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

The release of the final Harry Potter book is now only days away.

In the spirit of "Snape kills Dumbledore," I've decided to reveal some information about the last Harry Potter book before it gets released. Each day I'll add a new entry revealing the latest rumor (obtained by carefully mining data from /dev/random) and post it on this site.

In the final Harry Potter book, Harry Potter discovers that Voldemort is his real father, and that Hermione is, in fact, his twin sister.


Review: The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess

System: Nintendo Wii
Score: 4/5 4 (Good)

This game is, in my opinion, one of the best Zelda games since Link to the Past. If the art style in Wind Waker made you upset, you'll be glad to know that the graphics in Twilight Princess are in the Ocarina of Time style. I'm also glad to report that Link has been restored to his original Legend of Zelda age as a young teenager (I'm guessing about 15) and is no longer 8.

The graphics are good, the environment is engrossing, most of the characters are well designed, and the various dungeons that Link travels to are fairly well designed. There were moments when I had no direction in the dungeon, but overall it's usually fairly obvious what the next puzzle is and how to continue.


Installing Beryl On Feisty Fawn Without the Command Line

A recent PC World article explains how to install Beryl via the command line, but since many Ubuntu users are probably more familiar with Windows, and it's possible to install it completely via a GUI, I'm going to explain how.

First, go to System, Administration, and open the Synaptic Package Manager. Your password will be requested since Synaptic requires administrative privileges. Go to Preferences and choose Repositories. The Software Sources dialog will open. (You can also open this dialog by going to System, Administration, Software Sources - but Synaptic will be required later, so I recommend just using Synaptic directly.)

Name Generator

Finally got around to moving this over to the new site.

Generate a Name! The names generated are randomly generated, so you can wind up with almost anything, including English words and names from various movies, games, books, whatever. The names are truely random, if you get something unexpected, just hit Generate Name again. Yes, this can include certain four-letter words, although it's very unlikely. It's random.

I'm Horrible At Approving Comments

Just in case anyone wonders, the reason comments sit in the moderation queue for ages is because I'm far too lazy to get around to approving them.

Sorry about the wait.

I wish I could claim it's been a busy week, but... well, it's been a cold one. That's my excuse.

That and I have the attention span of a - oo, Daily Show time.

Katamari Pepsi

Anyone else see the new Pepsi pinball ad and think "Katamari Peh-eppp-siii, ii, iiI, ba ba, baaa ba baba ba baaa ba, ba ba ba ba, baa ba, bum ba baba ba, bum baba ba!..."


Review: Final Fantasy VI Advance

System: Gameboy Advance (DS-compatible)
Score: 5/5 5 (Excellent)

There's some debate over whether or not Final Fantasy VI is the best Final Fantasy ever created. Final Fantasy VI Advance does not disappoint. It's practically the same game previously released as Final Fantasy III in the United States, but with a more accurate translation. It's just as good as it ever was. If anything, this version is even better than the original.

Final Fantasy VI uses a slightly improved version of the Active Time Battle system previous Final Fantasy Advance titles use. Each character gets a single special ability from their inherent class. As in FFIV, a character's class cannot be changed.

Review: LEGO Star Wars II

System: Windows
Score: 4/5 4 (Good)

LEGO Star Wars II is, simply, a very fun game that can be enjoyed by a wide age range. I have the PC version, so this review is specifically based on my experiences playing the PC version (using a PS2 controller), but I expect that the game plays similarly on its console ports (GameCube, PS2, and X-Box).

The game plays through the plot of the Star Wars original trilogy - Episodes IV through VI - using LEGO pieces. The characters are all built out of LEGO pieces. Every piece is a real LEGO piece, although quite a few come from the Star Wars LEGO sets. (For example, the lightsabers, C3PO's head and Darth Vader's helmet.) You could imagine the game playing out in reality out of LEGO parts, although a little imagination would be required to make the blasters work and ships fly.


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