Away on Business

I'm going to be away on business for (essentially) the remainder of this week.

Given that the latest story posted was in February, I guess that really won't effect anything, but, hey. Just to let anyone who cares know. :)


FireTorrent Source

I've been meaning to - well, finish, really - FireTorrent for a while. But instead of actually doing it, I've decided to just screw it and release the current source as-is.

It currently compiled under Windows, and who knows, it may even compile under Linux! Haven't tried that yet.

Download 2006-02-19 Source

It doesn't work yet, it's only partially complete, and all that. But it's something.


The World's Most Annoying IM Sound Pack

In a fit of boredom, I decide to create the world's most annoying IM sound pack. It contains sounds for people signing on and off, initial conversation, message sent and received, and one which may be GAIM-specific to alert you when your name is mentioned in chat.

If you don't want to download the sound pack to find out what they are, they're essentially me screaming the event name for each sound. See how long you can endure it!


Status on ... Things

Well, I've been busy. Sorta. So, here's some status on what I'm working on.


Still porting it to C++. It loads .torrents successfully, but the majority of the protocol implementation needs to be done differently since C++ XPCOM allows a multithreaded approach.

Vana'diel Clock

I've made some graphical fixes which will be released as 0.7.5 shortly. My planned changes for version 1.0 currently crash Firefox. No, really.

World of Warcraft

I've stopped playing it. My user interface mods are, essentially, dead.

The Quotes File

This page contains quotes made by various people. At some point I'll resurrect the old Quotes File and add them in, but for now, it just contains four.

FireTorrent Goes Native

Just to update anyone actually paying attention to this, I've managed to get a native XPCOM component written that starts to implement the BitTorrent spec. Currently it just reads in the .torrent files, but it does that correctly, and uses C++ objects as opposed to JavaScript objects to contain the information. (Which was a challenge in and of itself, since C++ has no runtime type checking.)

I've also learned enough about the XPCOM string library to successfully create native strings, so that's cool too.

I've also added a new "topic" for FireTorrent, so if you want an RSS feed for FireTorrent information, you can head over to that category and grab the XML feed link on the bottom.


Old News Imported

I've imported the original news articles from the phpBB board into the new Drupal system. As with the blog, comments have not been carried over.

Site Switched To Drupal

You may have noticed that my website has slightly changed from the previous version. It's now running using Drupal, a content management system.

The old forums are still present, for now, but are in the process of being phased out.

I'm going to start moving the existing news stories from that site onto the Drupal site at some point in the future.

Blog Imported

I've imported my blog from the old phpBB forums into the new Drupal backend. No comments have been copied over yet, but I still have them in the database.

At some point I still need to copy over the rest of the stories from the old site over to the new site, but this will do for now.

Moving to Drupal

I'm starting to move the site's content over to Drupal.

This should allow easier access to various site content, and allow better handling of the sites content. Plus it means that the blog software will be actual blog software and not some weird phpBB hack - which should allow valid HTML to be generated, among other things.


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