World of Warcraft 1.6 Patch

In case you've been using a mod and haven't checked back since I moved all the World of Warcraft stuff over to the World of Warcraft section, I've posted updates for the 1.6 patch there.

So head on over and get updated!

Offtopic! Episode 1

Well, my brother and I have decided to release a Podcast called "Offtopic!" It's a show about video games and any other topic that we wind up coming up with.

See if you can spot the poorly done edit to splice two halves of the show together!

We'll fix up the website - eventually.

London Bombed By Terrorists

Not much I can give, London was rocked by four explosions (according to CNN accounts I heard, some gave as many as seven), the last death count I heard was "double digits" with 160 injured.

Update: The latest figures are 30 dead and 750 injured. An Islamic website claiming to be part of Al Quaida has claimed responsibility for the attacks. The BBC lists only four blasts, earlier reports of seven evidently incuded duplicates.

Board Killed :(

Well, looks like my hosting provider wants me to move to something other than phpBB... So I'm going to look into it. The amount of hacks phpBB has been seeing recently is just insane. The code base is a freaking mess.

Maybe 3.0 will be better... I'm considering waiting until 3.0 to make my final decision. We'll see - if 3.0 ever actually arrives.

Moved WoW Posts to WoW Section

Well, I've added a World of Warcraft section, so I've moved the World of Warcraft specific posts over to it.

If you want to be kept up to date on the World of Warcraft addons, and various other World of Warcraft news, bookmark the new section.

The front page will now be dedicated to - oh, who knows. Stuff.

And I'm Back...

Well, I'm back. At some point I should come up with more news to bump these off the front page... Oh well.

On Leave...

I'm currently in Washington, DC for a technology symposium - I'll be back tomorrow, but I won't be able to respond to email and there's a decent chance I won't be able to see anything here, either.

I'm Back; Vana'diel Clock v0.3.3

Well, I'm back. And in the time spent waiting around for delayed flights, I've been able to add some more features to the Vana'diel clock. Still no alarms, but that should hopefully come soon.

Gone 'til Friday

Just so people know, I'll be gone until Friday due to a buisness trip, so if you want to send me any email (and who would?) I won't be around. More info in my blog, for the curious. I might be able to get Internet access while there, but I don't know yet. Update: I've got access, but, not surprisingly, I'm very busy.

AOL Off Desktop

Ever installed an AOL program, like WinAMP or AIM, and notice that all these annoying AOL icons appear? Well, that's the biproduct of an annoying app that AOL provides called "AOL On Desktop" that dumps AOL icons on your desktop.

So I'm providing AOL Off Desktop to remove them.

Download Here (59.1 KB)

This program will automatically remove the icons AOL has dumped onto your desktop. It was created using the NSIS installer, originally developed by Nullsoft, which AOL has since eaten.


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