FireTorrent, a BitTorrent Client for Firefox

Well, I've been playing around with creating a BitTorrent client for Firefox, and have an implementation that kinda works in JavaScript.

Only problem is that it pegs out the CPU at around 100% and is markedly slower than it should be. (Maxed out at 30KB/s over loopback...)

Which means I missed the Extend Firefox contest. Fooey.

However, now I'm moving on from the, uh, "test implementation" to an implementation written in C++ using XPCOM. Hopefully that'll be capable of creating a working BitTorrent client that doesn't peg the CPU and downloads at a sane speed.


Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, Good Day Off From Work

Wishing everyone out there a Merry/Happy whatever. Or just a happy day off from work for all the atheists out there.

Ever so slight site update

I've updated the behind-the-scenes layout of the site. You shouldn't notice much of a change (unless you're using a text-only browser), since the stylesheet was modified at the same time, ensuring that the page looks essentially identical.

(Note: if your browser doesn't automatically refetch the style sheet, you WILL get a really funky looking page. Just hit Control-F5 if that happens.)

One of the nice changes is that the right sidebar and the content panel actually line up now. :)

Jon Stewart /w BFG

This really belongs in the general forums, but I figured I might as well spice up the main page with this:

I'm not currently using that as an avatar, but I really kinda like it.

There's also an 8-bit version which is about half the size if you care about modem users.

Happy Halloween/Autumn!

Enjoy the new Halloween/Autumn main page theme!

The theme will be set as the active stylesheet through until November 1st. People using cool browsers can play with the themes using their browser and view it after that, though.

Happy Halloween! Or Happy Autumn if you refuse to celebrate Halloween. :)

Added RSS Feed

I've added an RSS feed to the main page. The URL for the RSS feed is:

You should be able to use that URL to subscribe to the news articles that appear on the front page of this site.

Hurricane Katrina

I really don't have much to say - I'm still kind of in shock from the scale of this disaster. I remember on Monday hearing that it wasn't as bad as they had expected it to be. Then on Tuesday it turned out that it was worse.

So - condolences to anyone affected by the storm.

Web Comics Page Updated

I've updated my Web Comics page. Two new comics have been added: VG Cats and Ctrl+Alt+Del.

MegaTokyo has been removed from the "main" section and been demoted to my "unread" section.

Updated FFXI Site

I've updated my FFXI site with a new look, including the two extension pages.


Coke vs Pepsi

Vote for which is better!

Coke or Pepsi!

(Note: poll removed on import.)


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