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Information about the FireTorrent extension for Linux.

FireTorrent Source

Submitted by Xenoveritas on

I've been meaning to - well, finish, really - FireTorrent for a while. But instead of actually doing it, I've decided to just screw it and release the current source as-is.

It currently compiled under Windows, and who knows, it may even compile under Linux! Haven't tried that yet.

Download 2006-02-19 Source

It doesn't work yet, it's only partially complete, and all that. But it's something.

Status on ... Things

Submitted by Xenoveritas on

Well, I've been busy. Sorta. So, here's some status on what I'm working on.


Still porting it to C++. It loads .torrents successfully, but the majority of the protocol implementation needs to be done differently since C++ XPCOM allows a multithreaded approach.

Vana'diel Clock

I've made some graphical fixes which will be released as 0.7.5 shortly. My planned changes for version 1.0 currently crash Firefox. No, really.

World of Warcraft

I've stopped playing it. My user interface mods are, essentially, dead.

This Is Why C++ Is Better Than JavaScript

Submitted by Xenoveritas on

I think I've mentioned that JavaScript sucks before. This is why C++ is better:

d:/Firefox\mozilla\extensions\firetorrent\src\FTorrent.cpp(159) : error C2065: 'm_incompletePeers' : undeclared identifier

Hm? Oh, I accidently wrote "m_uncompletePeers" in the class header.

In JavaScript, this would have compiled, and I'd have to wait until something referenced m_incompletePeers to discover that I'd made a typo.

I like typed languages.

FireTorrent Goes Native

Submitted by Xenoveritas on

Just to update anyone actually paying attention to this, I've managed to get a native XPCOM component written that starts to implement the BitTorrent spec. Currently it just reads in the .torrent files, but it does that correctly, and uses C++ objects as opposed to JavaScript objects to contain the information. (Which was a challenge in and of itself, since C++ has no runtime type checking.)

I've also learned enough about the XPCOM string library to successfully create native strings, so that's cool too.

I've also added a new "topic" for FireTorrent, so if you want an RSS feed for FireTorrent information, you can head over to that category and grab the XML feed link on the bottom.

FireTorrent, a BitTorrent Client for Firefox

Submitted by Xenoveritas on

Well, I've been playing around with creating a BitTorrent client for Firefox, and have an implementation that kinda works in JavaScript.

Only problem is that it pegs out the CPU at around 100% and is markedly slower than it should be. (Maxed out at 30KB/s over loopback...)

Which means I missed the Extend Firefox contest. Fooey.

However, now I'm moving on from the, uh, "test implementation" to an implementation written in C++ using XPCOM. Hopefully that'll be capable of creating a working BitTorrent client that doesn't peg the CPU and downloads at a sane speed.