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Dear Friends, Full Version

Well, I said I'd post a more complete report, and here it is.

I recently went to see the Dear Friends concert in Hartford, Connecticut.

First off, I wasn't really sure what to expect for a dress code, and no one else really was either. The audience came in everything from jeans and a T-shirt to tuxedos to cosplay. I wound up on the low-end of the "dressed up," wearing a golf shirt, jeans, and sneakers, but I wasn't a complete slob either. 'Sall good.

Of course, the "MC" came dressed as a freaking janitor or mechanic or something. Seriously - he was wearing coveralls with his name on a patch. So I guess the dress code was official "whatever."


Dear Friends - After Report

Well, I went to the Dear Friends concert in Hartford, Conneticut last Friday (May 20th).

I'll (hopefully) post a more complete rundown sometime later, but, for now, this'll have to do.

I only saw five people in costume there, including one guy dressed up as Sephiroth (of course) but I think someone mentioned that there was another up in the balcony.

I had seats three rows in, so I was really close to the orchestra.

Music was great. It's really something to hear the music originally heard via a console being played live by a full orchestra.

I'll update this to be more useful ...


Dear Friends Concert

Well, I already have the tickets, now I have the program for the upcoming Dear Friends concert, done in the finest xerox available. (Er, photocopy. Yeah, Xerox isn't generic. Yet.)


Square-Enix: "We Really Do Want Your Money"

Let's say you made a brain-dead decision when you designed your service that would allow people who bought your game to deactivate it so that they couldn't play again without buying a new copy. Let's say that a lot of people left to play another game. Let's say that many of them decide that they want to return to your game and - surprise! - discover that they can't without buying a new copy.

What would you do?

Well, Square-Enix has apparently decided to start a campaign called Return Home to Vana'diel. This campaign will allow people who purchased the game but then quit to start playing again.


Upcoming Firefox Vana'diel Clock Version

I might as well try and hype up what's coming, even though it's not quite there yet.

The biggest addition is alarms. The last version laid the ground work, this version includes the actual implemention. Sort of.

There's still quite a lot of work I need to do to decide exactly how the alarms are going to work. Right now they successfully get created and persisted across browser sessions.

I'm still working on the UI for creating them and managing them once they've been created.

I'm also going to look into adding a Balista calendar or (more likely) a "next x matches" schedule.

Slashdot Whines About Gilsellers

Apparently someone on Slashdot has gotten fed up with gilsellers (actually, in-game item sellers period) because we've recently gotten several stories about them:

Square-Enix Bans Over 800 FFXI Accounts
MMOG Currency Seller Owns Media Network ?
President of MMOG Currency Seller Grilled

My basic opinion is "who cares about item sellers?" and "if they're disrupting the game, perhaps the game developer should, oh, I don't know, be doing something about it!"

I'm Back; Vana'diel Clock v0.3.3

Well, I'm back. And in the time spent waiting around for delayed flights, I've been able to add some more features to the Vana'diel clock. Still no alarms, but that should hopefully come soon.

Skillchains Extension 0.9.0 Released

It's been a while since I've released a new version, so here it is.

This release contains one new feature: the ability to select multiple weapons for a given player. A version 0.9.1 will allow you to sign individual skill levels for the weapons.

This version also does what I threatened to do ages ago: support for versions of Firefox prior to 1.0 is dropped.

Final Fantasy XI October-December Announcements

Well, it's almost December, and Final Fantasy XI is finally announcing the upcoming annoucements.

The holiday season is here and the FINAL FANTASY XI development elves have been busy putting together goodies for all the good boys and girls of Vana'diel.

We are planning our next major version update for Thursday, December 9. The details of the update are as follows:

  • There will be several new quests and events added to the Promathia areas.
  • New quests will also be added in Non-Promathia areas.
  • New monsters (including notorious monsters) will be added.


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