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Why I hate the Eclipse WTP JavaScript validator

So I've got the following code:

var e = document.createElement("div");
e.appendChild(document.createTextNode("Some text"));

This generates a warning and one error, which are underlined above with a yellow and red line, respectively.


XMLHttpRequest Same Domain Stupidity

When using XMLHttpRequest, there's an annoying restriction saying that you may only request data from the original domain the page came from.

This causes problems when you need to, for whatever reason, access data from another domain. With web mashups becoming more and more common, this is becoming a large problem.


Google Earth, and the NCIS episode "Blowback"

I'm watching an episode of NCIS off my TiVo HD - which means nice resolution, and I can pause and rewind it. The episode involves the NCIS agents investigating a weapons deal. They discover an email detailing where the deal will take place - at 45 26' 29"N 71 41' 29"W, which is, in fact, the actual coordinates for the airport mentioned in the story.


Testing the PS3's JavaScript Performance

According to Masaki Takase, the PS3's JavaScript performance beats that of IE7's.

Really? That sounds like something that's testable! Cue SunSpider!

Well, actually, no. Because the PS3 browser can't handle all the SunSpider tests. I had to remove three of them to get it to complete. Results in the full article.

Browser Scramble

I've created a Browser Scramble game. It's essentially a clone of another more Windows-only game, except this runs in pretty much any standards-compliant browser, and Internet Explorer too.

Some Helpful Java Servlet Attributes That Are Presumably Documented Somewhere

I'm assuming these are documented somewhere, but they certainly weren't listed in the documentation I have.


javax.servlet.forward.request_uri - the original value returned from request.getRequestURI()
javax.servlet.forward.context_path - the original value returned from request.getContextPath()
javax.servlet.forward.servlet_path - the original value returned from request.getServletPath() (who'd have guessed?)


The New Facebook

Facebook has launched a "new" interface, which is more Web 2.0, I guess.

Facebook profile with a tab containing raw HTML code

It could use a bit more work, I guess...

To be fair to Facebook, it appears that's the "SuperPoke!" application screwing up.

Update: And it's been fixed.


Google Releases Google Chrome (Beta)

Google has released their own browser, called Google Chrome. And I really like it - with one huge, major flaw.

Why is it called Chrome? Because chrome is "the user interface portion" of an application. In other words, the back/forward buttons and the address bar would all be chrome. So Google Chrome is the chrome around webpages, I guess.

The good, first:


TiVo Adds YouTube

TiVo's added YouTube support to their Series 3 DVRs. So how does it work?

Short answer, horribly.

The user interface is a bit clunky, but overall works. But when you get to the videos, finally, the audio skips. (On every one I tried.)

And the video quality is horrible, but then again, it's YouTube. I was expecting YouTube quality video and that's what I got. I was also expecting YouTube quality audio, but it managed to fail to deliver on that.

All-in-all, not a very effective way to visit YouTube. My PS3 does a much better job.


Fun With Copy/Paste

While looking through some JSPs, I noticed something:

<%@ page language="java"
  contentType="text/html; charset=UTF-8"

<meta http-equiv="Content-Type"
  content="text/html; charset=ISO-8859-1">

I've highlighted the important parts. The web server is set to tell the browser that the page is encoded in UTF-8. The page itself, on the other hand, tells the browser it's ISO-8859-1.



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