Something Silly

OK, I generally don't bother with politics on this site, and this will be no exception, honestly. Essentially, I saw one of those "Choose Life" license plates, and my first thought was this:

I then realized what they really meant.


Let's Play Armored Core: Lots Of Numbers

I've been putting off posting this for a while, but while we're at it, here's a gigantic list of what the various part stats mean, according to the in-game help.

First off, generic stats that (almost) every part has:

The number of WP it costs to equip the part. The maximum available weight comes in two forms: the amount of weight the legs can carry, and the amount of weight the arms can carry.
Energy Drain
The amount of energy required to equip the part. The energy available is a function of the current generator.

Final Fantasy XIV UI Enhancements: It Took You This Long?!

It sounds like Square Enix is in fact going to listen to some of the complaints about Final Fantasy XIV. Sadly, the list is too funny to skip because they're all features that should never have missed beta, let alone release:

–Inventory Sort Feature
The late-November version update will include the addition of a feature that will allow players to sort their inventories.

Really?! Late November?!!! I have to reiterate: How did this miss closed beta, never mind release?!

Thoughts on Final Fantasy XIV

Well, the reviews are in, and it's unanimous: Final Fantasy XIV is a turkey.

There's no denying this. I'm sure as hell not playing the game for the game as it currently exists. I'm playing it for the game I hope it can eventually become. So now, the question is: will it improve?

Well... it's hard to say. At the very least, the developers are being much more responsive than they were for Final Fantasy XI, at least when I played it.

Final Fantasy XIV Item Database

I've started screwing around with creating an item database primarily intended for crafting within Final Fantasy XIV.

Right now it doesn't do all that much, but it includes all the recipe information available from the Lodestone website. I'll be adding more information to it as I go along, although at some point it would be nice to allow external submission of data. For now the data is currently stored in a flat file, although that's changing in a future version.

Awkward Zombie

Awkward Zombie doesn't appear to have a motto, so instead, I'll just say that I fixed my web comic module solely to add it.

Screw Theora

Seriously, screw Theora. None of the tools work. Really, there's no reason to go beyond that at all. ffmpeg can't create working Ogg Theora files for no discernible reason. The makers of Theora don't provide an encoder, so it's not like you can just use theirs! The only working Theora tool appears to be ffmpeg2theora - which is completely useless because it can't be used to remux streams.

The one thing Xiph does provide, a tool for creating Ogg streams, doesn't create working streams. Making it completely useless as well.


Let's Play Armored Core: Ranking Ravens

I've basically completely glossed over the Raven rankings, so as another text-only update, let's go through the Ranking Ravens. The Top 10 Ravens are given using their ranks at the start of the game, the ranks change as you play through the game.

Sometimes these changes are based on fights with enemy Ravens, but frequently, they change regardless of your actions.

Let's Play Armored Core: Large Text Dump

Since I've basically completely skipped the story so far, here are some emails from R to explain the various factions that make up the future world of Armored Core.

Let's start with Murakumo Millennium and Chrome themselves:

From: R

Chrome and Murakumo

Zam City was one of the very first cities built in the underground city development program, so redevelopment is proceeding in various areas of the city.

Let's Play Armored Core!

Armored Core

Armored Core is a game series by From Software, who are best known for, well, the Armored Core game series. While still somewhat a niche title, Armored Core is a fairly successful "mech" game. You play as a mercenary, called a Raven, who pilots an Armored Core: a giant customizable mech.

Read on for the rest of the Let's Play.


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