3D Dot Game Heroes Reference List

This is an incomplete list of references found in 3D Dot Game Heroes. If you want to help complete it, post additions as comments - I promise I do eventually get around to checking the moderation queue!

Final Fantasy Job Quiz

Which Final Fantasy job are you? Take this quiz to find out!


Ubuntu 10.04 is out

Ubuntu 10.04 is out.

gconftool -s /apps/metacity/general/button_layout --type string menu:minimize,maximize,close

That's the command to reset the window buttons to be like they were in every previous release.


The Nook gains a web browser

The Barnes & Noble nook has had a web browser added to it in the 1.3 update (along with sudoku and chess and a bunch of other things).

And the web browser actually works pretty freaking well. The nook’s design of a small touch screen along with an e-ink display means that you get a full-color small view into the website on the bottom and a very nice black-and-white view on the top. You can scroll through the website using both the touch screen and the page back/forward keys, meaning that all-in-all, it works very well for simple surfing.


Let’s Play Commander Keen 5: It Has Begun

My brother and I have started playing through Commander Keen 5, a relatively well known old DOS side-scroller.

And one that really hasn’t aged well, nor does it play as well as some of the more well-known console-based side-scrollers like Mario.

I’m not going to upload the video quite yet, although it looks like we’ve got a working system. Before I get to that, I want to finish my Commander Keen 4 Pyramid of the Forbidden video, which I’ve finally got a “finished” version of that I still need to upload.


Upgrading to Ubuntu 10.04 Behind a Proxy

If you do a update-manager -d under Ubuntu 9.10 and happen to be behind a firewall, you might notice that it appears to freeze as soon as you click on the Upgrade button. This is caused by a known bug in Ubuntu where the start of the upgrade process doesn't take your proxy settings into account.

It's been fixed in 10.04, but that doesn't help you if you're using 9.10 or 9.04.

So how do you fix it?


Let's Play Commander Keen 4

PAX East is coming up this weekend, and what better way to prepare than to play really old DOS sidescrollers?

So, Let's Play Commander Keen 4!

This is my first Let's Play, so it's going to be a bit rough around the edges. Video is available after the jump.


Quick Final Fantasy Quiz

Here's a quick little quiz. Which one of these twelve sages do you need to speak to in order to move the game on?

There are twelve sages, eleven are dressed in red, and one is dressed in blue with a large blue hat.

Answer in the full article.


CBS's "NCIS" Cold-Blooded Murder List

The CBS show NCIS has had their characters kill people in cold blood quite a few times. This post attempts to create a list of victims who have either been killed in cold blood directly by a “good guy” or indirectly via ploys by the “good guys.”

Needless to say, there are spoilers below.


Garland will CRUSH YOU!

This is photoshopped (well, GIMPed), but if you've played Dissidia Final Fantasy:

Garland: I'll CRUSH YOU!!


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