And Another Dissidia Final Fantasy Video

Yet again, another video on the subject of Omnislash Version 5 being a little on the overpowering side. I like this one better than the last.

Read More to view the video.

Omnislash Version 5 is Evil

This post is more to test posting video than anything else. In short: Omnislash Version 5 is a rather evil ability that Cloud gets.

Read More to view the video.

Astral Supremacy Screenshot

Just to let people know that I really do have something, here's a screenshot:

Screenshot of main Astral Supremacy


Astral Supremacy

I feel like I should post something since I haven't in ages. Yes, I'm still alive.

I've been surprisingly busy for the past few weeks (especially considering it's summer), so I've made essentially no progress on anything.

But I do hope to post a demo or screenshots or something for Astral Supremacy since the countdown clock ran out.

Pointless Countdown Thingy

I've got a countdown timer running.

I wonder what it could mean?...

Simpsons "Rock Bottom" Corrections in "Homer Badman"

I'm sure someone's already done this, but since I've got a TiVo and can do it too, here's the list of corrections that display in the Simpson's episode "Homer Badman" during the "Rock Bottom" corrections bit.


The Correct Way to Clone Javascript Arrays

I couldn't remember how to clone arrays in JavaScript, so I did a quick search for the answer.

I found some, uh, not-so-great answers, mainly involving writing custom copy functions that iterated over every item in the array to copy it.

Turns out there already exists a method in JavaScript 1.2+ (in other words, in all major browsers) to clone arrays. It's called, helpfully enough, slice(begin[,end]).


Review: Chrono Trigger DS

System: Nintendo DS
Score: 5/5 5 (Excellent)

Unlike some of the more recent remakes coming from Square Enix, Chrono Trigger DS has, at its core, the original Chrono Trigger. This is a very good thing, as the original Chrono Trigger was very good. There are a few new features, but they're all just extras, so if you want an almost entirely original experience, you can get it.


Why I hate the Eclipse WTP JavaScript validator

So I've got the following code:

var e = document.createElement("div");
e.appendChild(document.createTextNode("Some text"));

This generates a warning and one error, which are underlined above with a yellow and red line, respectively.


XMLHttpRequest Same Domain Stupidity

When using XMLHttpRequest, there's an annoying restriction saying that you may only request data from the original domain the page came from.

This causes problems when you need to, for whatever reason, access data from another domain. With web mashups becoming more and more common, this is becoming a large problem.



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